Webinar: Discussion of Proposed Draft Commercial Kelp and Other Marine Algae Regulatory Changes

Macrocystis pyriferal
Top view of Macrocystis pyrifera
CDFW photo by R. Flores Miller

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife will be hosting a webinar to discuss the commercial harvest of wild kelp and other marine algae, including proposed draft regulatory changes, supporting data, and results from a commercial harvester survey. All interested parties are invited to join.

The webinar will be on June 2 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Use the following link and call-in information to participate in the webinar:

Porphyra Pyropia
Porphyra/ Pyropia species
CDFW photo by R. Flores Miller

Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

+1 916-535-0984   United States, Sacramento (Toll)

Conference ID: 949 545 937#

If you have any questions please contact Rebecca Flores Miller, Environmental Scientist, by email Rebecca.FloresMiller@wildlife.ca.gov.  Please email any comments or feedback to kelp@wildlife.ca.gov.

post by Rebecca Flores Miller, CDFW Environmental Scientist

Marine Region’s 2019 Year in Review Now Available!

2019 Year in Review and By the NumbersThe 2019 Year in Review is now available for your reading pleasure along with its companion document By the Numbers. The Year in Review is a condensed one-stop shop of the entire year’s accomplishments and our By the Numbers summarizes some of the most important commercial and recreational fishing numbers for your easy review. In other words, if you only read two documents from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife Marine Region this year, these are them! Continue reading “Marine Region’s 2019 Year in Review Now Available!”

Meeting Change: Webinar to Provide Overview of Commercial Regulation Changes to Help Minimize Marine Life Entanglement

crab gear
Dungeness crab gear.      CDFW photo

CDFW’s Marine Region had been planning to host an in-person meeting to provide an update on the proposed Risk Assessment and Mitigation Program (RAMP) regulations and Conservation Plan currently in development for the commercial Dungeness crab fishery. Instead, the meeting will move to an online viewing format to make it more accessible to stakeholders and the public.

This informational webinar will provide an overview of the proposed regulatory changes to help minimize marine life entanglement in the commercial fishery. These regulations will also be the foundation of the Conservation Plan which is required to apply for an Incidental Take Permit under Section 10 of the federal Endangered Species Act. The Conservation Plan will address endangered species interactions in the commercial Dungeness crab fishery through the use of risk minimization measures. For additional information about the webinar, please contact: Ryan.Bartling@wildlife.ca.gov.

post by Ryan Bartling, CDFW Senior Environmental Scientist

2020 California Grunion Run Schedule Now Available

CA grunion
California grunion come ashore to spawn on a Southern California beach
photo by heather, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The 2020 schedule of expected California grunion runs is now available on the California Department of Fish and Wildlife website.

Grunion are famous for their spawning behavior. From March through August, these fish surf the waves Continue reading “2020 California Grunion Run Schedule Now Available”

Getting the Right Licenses, Validations, and Report Cards for Saltwater Sport Fishing

license sales at show
You can purchase your sport fishing license from CDFW at certain annual sport fishing shows.
CDFW photo

At the massive Fred Hall sport fishing shows in Long Beach and San Diego this coming March, you’ll see a dizzying array of saltwater fishing gear and tackle. From custom, hand-made rods to heavy metal jigs, to realistic, deep-diving plugs, these shows have the gear for just about any fishing adventure Continue reading “Getting the Right Licenses, Validations, and Report Cards for Saltwater Sport Fishing”