The Marine Management News blog is published by the Marine Region of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW), and is for everyone interested in the sustainable management and conservation of California’s living marine resources. The paper version of the Marine Management News newsletter was first published in August 2000. It evolved into a paperless, online newsletter in October 2003 (see archives of older issues), and then in June 2014 made the transition to blog format.

Through this blog, we’ll bring you the latest information about state management, research, and monitoring of marine fisheries, habitats, and ecosystems. You can also learn about California’s marine fish species, test your identification skills with our Fish Identification Quiz, and quickly find information about upcoming marine resource management meetings. Signing up to receive notices of new posts is a great way to stay informed about state marine-related events, opportunities, decisions, and issues.

About the Marine Region

Established in November 1997, the Marine Region is one of the seven CDFW regions that divide California into discrete, manageable areas. The Marine Region extends along the entire California coastline from border to border and approximately three nautical miles out to sea, including offshore islands. Through development of specific projects, staff provide for fisheries and habitat management, environmental review, and water quality monitoring statewide.

Marine Region Mission: To protect, maintain, enhance, and restore California’s marine ecosystems for their ecological values and their use and enjoyment by the public through good science and effective communication.

For more information, go to wildlife.ca.gov/Regions/Marine.