Southern California Fisheries Closure Implemented Due to Oil Spill

Oil spill clean-up efforts under way
Crude oil is shown in the Pacific Ocean offshore of Orange County, Oct. 3, 2021. A unified command has been established to respond to and clean up the oil spill off the California coast. Official U.S. Coast Guard photo

Notification from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife:

Take of all fish and shellfish is immediately prohibited from Huntington Beach to Dana Point, including the shorelines and offshore areas and all bays due to an oil spill in Southern California. Continue reading “Southern California Fisheries Closure Implemented Due to Oil Spill”

California’s Ocean Habitats: The Rocky Intertidal Zone

Imagine a mystical world revealed when the gravitational forces from glowing celestial orbs peel back watery waves, uncovering pools teeming with life. Jewel-toned, flower-like animals gently sway in the currents, waiting for their next meal to float by. Continue reading “California’s Ocean Habitats: The Rocky Intertidal Zone”

Creature Feature: White Croaker

white croakerWhite croakers may be found statewide off sandy beaches near and within the surf zone, however they are most abundant from San Francisco Bay southward. White croakers swim in loose schools at or near the bottom, in the surf zone, or in shallow bays and lagoons. Continue reading “Creature Feature: White Croaker”