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Creature Feature: Black Rockfish

Note: A new sub-bag limit of 5 black rockfish within the 10-fish RCG Complex bag limit is now in effect.

Black rockfish may be found north of Paradise Cove off southern California in a wide variety of habitats, including near the surface, on the bottom to depths of 1,200 ft., near rocky reefs, and in open water over deep banks or drop-offs. They frequently form loose schools 10 to 20 ft. above shallow (to 120 ft.) rocky reefs, in kelp beds, or in mid-water over deeper reefs (to 240 ft.), but individuals may also be found resting on rocky bottom. Continue reading

Creature Feature: Sanddabs

Four species of sanddab are found in California waters: Pacific sanddab, longfin sanddab, speckled sanddab, and gulf sanddab. Most sport anglers catch the two largest sanddabs, the Pacific and the longfin. The Pacific sanddab is the predominant species in the California catch, with some longfin sanddab caught in southern California. Longfin sanddabs range from Monterey Bay south, while Pacific sanddabs are caught statewide. Both species are found on muddy or sandy bottoms, generally at depths of 30 to 600 ft., although Pacific sanddab are most abundant between 120 and 300 ft. Continue reading

Get Hooked on the California Department of Fish and Wildlife Website!

MRwebsiteFor the latest information on fishing regulations, marine resources, and news affecting our California coastline, your first stop should be the California Department of Fish and Wildlife website. This comprehensive information source contains well over 2,000 marine-related web pages and documents readily available to the public. If you are new to this website, we invite you to explore the valuable resources Continue reading

Sport Fishing Regulations for Pacific Bluefin Tuna Slated to Change in Early 2015

tuna illustration

Physical characteristics for bluefin tuna

Due to concerns over population decline, the National Marine Fisheries Service and the California Fish and Game Commission will be enacting more restrictive sport regulations on Pacific bluefin tuna (Thunnus orientalis) that will become effective later this year.

Both federal and conforming state regulations are expected to be in place by May 2015, as the fishing season kicks off. The 2015 recreational bluefin tuna bag and possession limits and new tuna fillet regulations will take effect once published in the Federal Register (federal) and California Regulatory Notice Register (state). Updated state regulations will be available on the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) website Continue reading

Rare Catch off Rocky Point, Palos Verdes

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In a year when Southern California was treated to some of the best fishing seen in recent years, it only seemed fitting that 2014 ended with an interesting catch.

This unusual golden fish was speared by Todd Bergenbring off of Rocky Point in Palos Verdes at an approximate depth of 20 feet. Excited by his potentially rare catch, Mr. Bergenbring brought the fish to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) Los Alamitos office Continue reading