Creature Feature: Black-and-Yellow Rockfish

illustration of a black-and-yellow rockfishBlack-and-yellow rockfish may be found statewide, but they are uncommon north of Mendocino County and south of Point Conception. They range from intertidal depths to around 120 ft., but are most common in depths of 50 ft. or less. [Currently, fishing depth restrictions apply to this species and all groundfish.] Continue reading “Creature Feature: Black-and-Yellow Rockfish”

Creature Feature: Vermilion Rockfish

vermilion rockfish illustration by Amadeo BacharNote: Recreational fishing regulations for this species include depth constraints, seasonal closures, gear restrictions, and beginning January 1, 2021 a new sub-bag limit of five fish. Visit the Frequently Asked Questions flyer for more information about the sub-bag limit. As regulations can change in-season, anglers are encouraged to check the Marine Region website or call the Recreational Groundfish hotline at (831) 649-2801 prior to fishing for current regulations.  Continue reading “Creature Feature: Vermilion Rockfish”

New Recreational Groundfish Regulations For 2021

Vermilion rockfish
photo © katastrophe1 CC BY-NC 2.0

If you are a recreational angler or spearfisher and plan on fishing for rockfish, lingcod, California scorpionfish (sculpin), and other species of “groundfish” in 2021, continue reading to learn about important regulation changes that will take effect in the new year. Anglers and spearfishers should check CDFW’s website for the current regulations before fishing for groundfish, and are advised that some groundfish regulations printed in the 2020-21 ocean sport fishing regulations book will be out of date starting January 1, 2021.

Continue reading “New Recreational Groundfish Regulations For 2021”

Exploring California’s Marine Protected Areas: Cambria State Marine Conservation Area

Moonstone Beach Boardwalk
Moonstone Beach Boardwalk
CDFW photo by L. Slatoff

Along Highway 1 nestled between the cities of San Simeon and Cambria in San Luis Obispo County is a 5.8 mile stretch of beautiful coastline and the Cambria State Marine Conservation Area (SMCA).

Map of Cambria State Marine Conservation Area/State Marine Park
Cambria State Marine Conservation Area/State Marine Park* (click to enlarge)
CDFW map by Marine Region GIS Lab

Regulations for Cambria SMCA, and its neighbor to the south, White Rock SMCA, were adopted by the Fish and Game Commission in 2006 and went into effect in 2007 as part of the first regional implementation phase of the Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA). Passed in 1999, the MLPA mandated California create a science-based ecologically connected network of marine protected areas (MPAs). Continue reading “Exploring California’s Marine Protected Areas: Cambria State Marine Conservation Area”