CDFW Gathering Information Regarding Shark Incident

white shark

White shark

California Department of Fish and Wildlife officers are gathering information regarding the shark incident at Manhattan Beach on July 5, 2014. The following is general information, not specific to this incident.

Fishing for most species of sharks, including large sharks such as mako and thresher, is a legal activity in most ocean waters of the state, including the area surrounding Manhattan Beach. Continue reading

From The Marine Region Manager

Craig Shuman

Marine Region Manager Craig Shuman. photo by K. Kopp

Welcome to the first posting of the reinvigorated and refreshed Marine Management News, your source for news and updates on marine resource management in California. You will notice that I used the term “posting” as opposed to “issue” as we have switched to a blog format to take advantage of the flexibility of this digital platform.

Rather than periodic distributions of discrete issues, the blog format will enable more frequent and timely updates. Please be assured that our new format will still give you all the information and interesting stories you have come to expect from the Marine Management News. Continue reading

Marine Management News Fish Identification Quiz

Welcome to the Marine Management News Fish Identification Quiz for July 2014! Here’s your chance to show off your fish identification knowledge and win an official Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) fish tagging cap. To celebrate the blog’s first Quiz, the winner will also receive a copy of California’s Living Marine Resources: A Status Report. To qualify for the drawing, simply send the correct information to by July 31, 2014 identifying:

  • The species of the fish pictured below (scientific name), and
  • The daily bag limit, as found in the 2014-2015 Ocean Sport Fishing regulations booklet

Be sure to enter “July MMN Fish Quiz” as the “Subject” of your e-mail. The winner will be selected during a random drawing from all correct answers received by July 31, 2014.
7.1.14fishIDquizER Continue reading

Get Hooked on the CDFW Website!

For the latest information on fishing regulations, marine resources, and news affecting our California coastline, your first stop should be the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) website. This comprehensive information source contains well over 2,000 marine-related web pages and documents readily available to the public. If you are new to this website, we invite you to explore the valuable resources we have created. For those who have already visited the site, be sure to check back regularly, since new features, updates, and news releases are added every week. Here are some recent, noteworthy updates: Continue reading

Creature Feature: Redtail Surfperch

redtail surfperch

Redtail surfperch occur from Monterey Bay north off California. They are the most frequently caught species of surfperch north of Bodega Bay. This species is predominantly a surf-dweller off sandy beaches, but has also been taken in rocky areas adjacent to beaches. They are common in estuaries and protected embayments during spawning season. Continue reading