Exploring California’s Marine Protected Areas: Castle Rock Special Closure

Castle Rock
Castle Rock’s mere 14 acres hosts thousands of seabirds every year.    photo by S. Harris, USFWS

As a surfer in northern California, I get to enjoy spectacular views of the California coastline. In between waves, there are times when I look around in awe at the scenery – geometric rock outcroppings, softened by endless treetops, further improved by chance sightings of curious wildlife. Of all the beautiful spots in northern California, one of my favorites is special to more creatures than just surfers – Castle Rock Special Closure. Continue reading

Exploring California’s Marine Protected Areas: Point Reyes State Marine Reserve

Point Reyes
Descend approximately 300 steps to the iconic Point Reyes Lighthouse to view Point Reyes State Marine Reserve.    photo by A. Van Diggelen

Many recreational activities associated with marine protected areas (MPAs) require a visitor to at least get their feet wet, but Point Reyes State Marine Reserve (SMR) offers visitors the opportunity to view and enjoy a wide diversity of animals from shore, and a bathing suit isn’t even required!

Continue reading

Draft 2015 Master Plan for Marine Protected Areas Now Available Online

Master Plan coverThe California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) is pleased to announce that the draft, updated 2015 Master Plan for Marine Protected Areas (Master Plan) is now available on the CDFW website. Public comment is being accepted on the updated plan through the California Fish and Game Commission (Commission) until Jan. 28, 2016.

CDFW will present the Master Plan to the Commission at their Dec. 9-10, 2015 meeting in San Diego. A discussion hearing is anticipated at the Commission’s February 2016 meeting, followed by possible adoption at the April 2016 meeting. Continue reading