Marine Region’s 2019 Year in Review Now Available!

2019 Year in Review and By the NumbersThe 2019 Year in Review is now available for your reading pleasure along with its companion document By the Numbers. The Year in Review is a condensed one-stop shop of the entire year’s accomplishments and our By the Numbers summarizes some of the most important commercial and recreational fishing numbers for your easy review. In other words, if you only read two documents from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife Marine Region this year, these are them!

Marine Region staff and our partners worked hard in 2019 to ensure California’s marine fisheries and ecosystems continued to be sustainably managed. We had many triumphs for marine life and associated fisheries and some tremendous technological breakthroughs, including the initiation of electronic commercial fisheries reporting. Find out how we worked with Dungeness crab fishermen to help prevent whale entanglements. Learn why white abalone received a lot of press attention and why our collaborative work on warty sea cucumber was documented in a short film. Discover how rockfish, swordfish, eelgrass, box crab, basses, perches, halibuts and our many other managed species and MPAs are doing and the work our amazing scientists do to help keep them sustainable.

The Marine Region Year in Review reports help keep readers informed of the status of various fisheries and Marine Region activities. Please enjoy reading about our 2019 work! Previous years are also available for your reading pleasure on the Year in Review web page.

post by Claudia Makeyev, CDFW Environmental Scientist