New CDFW Marine Species Portal Provides Easy Access to Wide Variety of Information

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The California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Marine Region is proud to announce the new Marine Species Portal! The new Portal replaces the temporary Marine Species Information web page and is another step towards making our website even more user friendly.

The Portal is intended to be a dynamic, web-based tool that provides information on California marine species. Currently, the Portal contains 30 finfish and invertebrate Enhanced Status Reports (ESRs). The Portal is designed in a way that allows constituents to easily navigate through these ESRs so they can find the information that interests them.

ESRs provide an overview of the species, fishery, current management and monitoring efforts, and future management and informational needs for the species. ESRs can help to guide Department efforts as well as focus future partnerships and research efforts on information gaps and needs that are a priority for management. Some ESRs can supply the foundations for future fishery management plans by providing background information and focusing analyses and stakeholder discussions on the most relevant issues.

This initial set of ESRs includes species ranging from lobster and Dungeness crab to white seabass and geoduck clam. More ESRs will be completed as new priority species are identified, and in the future, the Portal will also be expanded to include species not targeted by state fisheries. 

To learn about the many interesting species that inhabit California’s ocean waters, the fisheries that target them, and the research behind our current scientific understanding, visit the Marine Species Portal! You can view a presentation and demonstration on how to navigate through the new Marine Species Portal here.

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