Sustainably Managing California’s Fisheries and Ecosystems During a Pandemic – Marine Region’s 2020 Year in Review and By the Numbers Reports

What did 2020 look like for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s (CDFW’s) Marine Region? The 2020 Year in Review is now available along with its companion document 2020 By the Numbers. These reports provide overviews of the hurdles the Marine Region faced and accomplishments we achieved last year.

The 2020 Year in Review is a condensed one-stop-shop of the year’s major accomplishments and our 2020 By the Numbers summarizes some of the most important commercial and recreational fishing numbers. If you are looking for an overview of the multitude of tasks accomplished by CDFW’s Marine Region, these reports are your source!

Marine Region staff and our partners worked hard in 2020 to ensure California’s marine fisheries and ecosystems continued to be sustainably managed. The COVID-19 pandemic and other unique events in 2020 shaped much of our work. Even with most of our workforce relocating to home offices, we still accomplished a tremendous amount.

  • Learn how we implemented new regulatory programs to help reduce the risk of whale and turtle entanglement.
  • Find out about the California drift gill net fishery Transition Program – paying fishermen to voluntarily shift to new fisheries.
  • See how we revamped the Marine Region home page and launched a new Marine Species Portal.
  • Explore annual fishery landing information produced this year in record time, thanks to electronic reporting.
  • Celebrate 150 years of the CDFW and Fish and Game Commission working to achieve our mission!

These Marine Region reports help inform you of the status of various California fisheries and Marine Region activities. We hope you enjoy reading about our 2020 work!

post by John Ugoretz, CDFW Environmental Program Manager