MPA Regulation Updates Effective October 1, 2014

Southern California coastline
Southern California coastline
CDFW file photo

Attention marine resource users! There will be some changes to marine protected area (MPA) regulations starting October 1, 2014. Changes will be posted to the CDFW Marine Protected Areas website and updated in CDFW online publications. If you’d like to see the changes now, before they go in effect, they are currently posted on the Fish and Game Commission website. Changes include:

  • Adding Pacific bonito to the “pelagic finfish” group
  • Providing for transit of MPAs with spearfishing gear
  • Clarifying scientific collecting permit authority
  • Changing the name of three MPAs in central and southern California
  • Amending the commercial take regulations for coastal pelagic species consistent with commercial fishing practices
  • Adjusting a boundary at Lovers Cove State Marine Conservation Area on Catalina Island

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post by Elizabeth Pope, CDFW Environmental Scientist