Exploring California’s Marine Protected Areas: Reading Rock State Marine Conservation Area and Reading Rock State Marine Reserve

Imagine cruising along Highway 101, enjoying one of California’s most scenic drives north of San Francisco. As the hustle and bustle of California’s Golden Gate City falls far behind, the scenery changes from developed cityscapes and suburban neighborhoods to undeveloped coastlines and breathtaking views. Continue reading

Exploring California’s Marine Protected Areas: Double Point/Stormy Stack Rock Special Closure

Double Point/Stormy Stack Rock Special Closure is located just north of Duxbury Reef State Marine Conservation Area in Marin County.
CDFW Marine Region map

California’s coastline north of San Francisco is well-known for rocky cliffs, small coves with sandy shorelines, and numerous offshore rocks of all shapes and sizes. Some of the larger offshore rocks in these cold waters Continue reading

Exploring California’s Marine Protected Areas: Casino Point State Marine Conservation Area

Catalina Casino, and the adjacent Casino Point State Marine Conservation Area
CDFW photo

California offers some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving in the world, thanks to its magnificent kelp forests. An underwater counterpart to the incomparable redwood forests on land, divers glide through kelp stipes and blades just as Continue reading

Exploring California’s Marine Protected Areas: Scorpion State Marine Reserve

Northeast Santa Cruz Island
photo by A. Van Diggelen

Are you looking for an island getaway? Somewhere off the beaten path with unparalleled views, and few people with whom to share the island? While more than 17 million people live less than 100 miles away in bustling metropolis of Los Angeles, the largest of Southern California’s eight Channel Islands sits just offshore beckoning visitors from the mainland. Continue reading

Exploring California’s Marine Protected Areas: Bodega Head State Marine Reserve and Bodega Head State Marine Conservation Area


Bodega Bay
Coastline overlooking Bodega Bay from the Bodega Head Trail, with Tomales Point in the distance
CDFW photo by A. Frimodig

The splendor and natural productivity of California’s coastal ocean waters is well known to locals and visitors alike. One of the more prominent features along the southern Sonoma County coastline is Bodega Head, a rugged headland located about 40 miles northwest of San Francisco. Continue reading