Marine Region’s 2017 Year in Review Now Available!

Year in Review reportWhich grows faster – male or female kelp bass? What did California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) Marine Region divers find last year during northern California red abalone surveys? Were any new state saltwater sport fishing records set in 2017? The answers to these questions and more can be found in the Marine Region 2017 Year in Review, now available on the CDFW Marine Region website!

The 22-page Review summarizes Marine Region activities in 2017, from abalone surveys to warty sea cucumber research. Of particular interest in 2017 were milestones in marine Continue reading

Revised Draft 2018 MLMA Master Plan Submitted to Fish and Game Commission

harbor at sunset
Princeton Harbor, Half Moon Bay at sunset
CDFW photo by K. Lesyna

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) recently reached an important milestone by submitting the revised draft 2018 Marine Life Management Act (MLMA) Master Plan to the Fish and Game Commission (Commission) at the February 7-8, 2018 meeting in Sacramento.

Over the past two years, CDFW staff have worked with partners and stakeholders to amend the 2001 Master Plan to consider and include updated Continue reading

From the Marine Region Manager: 2014 Year in Review

2014 Marine Region project summary
2014 Region Projects Summary (click image)

As stated in our mission, science and communication are the cornerstones of everything we do in the Marine Region. On any given day, Marine Region staff can be found along California’s 1,100 mile coastline examining the ocean’s flora and fauna both under water and in the lab, engaging stakeholders through public meetings and informal discussions, and out on the docks surveying and distributing the myriad of outreach materials we produce. In 2014, we prepared a special marine issue in the 100th volume of California Fish and Game that highlighted the cutting-edge science performed by Marine Region staff. We also unveiled the new and Continue reading

From The Marine Region Manager

Craig Shuman
Craig Shuman

Many sense the arrival of autumn as the days grow shorter, the kids go back to school, and a certain crisp chill pervades the air. For Marine Region staff and many of you out there, some additional signs of autumn include the winding up of salmon and some groundfish seasons, and the beginning of spiny lobster and Dungeness crab seasons. I encourage you to take advantage of the precious autumn sunshine, the glorious weather, and unusually warm water by dusting off the hoop nets, crab pots, or dive gear and getting out to the ocean to enjoy our magnificent marine resources. Continue reading

From The Marine Region Manager

Craig Shuman
Craig Shuman

Welcome to the first posting of the reinvigorated and refreshed Marine Management News, your source for news and updates on marine resource management in California. You will notice that I used the term “posting” as opposed to “issue” as we have switched to a blog format to take advantage of the flexibility of this digital platform.

Rather than periodic distributions of discrete issues, the blog format will enable more frequent and timely updates. Please be assured that our new format will still give you all the information and interesting stories you have come to expect from the Marine Management News. Continue reading