Tying Traditional Knowledge to Ocean Stewardship: The Del Norte Marine Protected Area Collaborative

California is home to a statewide network of 124 ecologically connected marine protected areas (MPAs) managed by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW). CDFW works with many partners, including a grassroots organization

The Santa Barbara Channel Marine Protected Area Collaborative: Connecting with the Galapagos of North America

Ventura and Santa Barbara counties are situated north of Los Angeles along the Southern California coastline. Although distinct, these neighboring counties share jurisdiction over an area known as the “Galapagos of North America” – the Northern Channel Islands (NCIs).

Education, Technology, and Stewardship: The Golden Gate Marine Protected Area Collaborative

Although San Francisco is a major city and a global center for technological innovation, it is also known for having easy access to nature and strong environmental leadership. You can get lost in Golden Gate Park, go surfing at Ocean Beach, or go sailing in San Francisco Bay.

Otters and Online Lessons: The San Luis Obispo Marine Protected Area Collaborative

Diverse marine habitats are a hallmark of California’s central coast region, from sandy beaches and dune landscapes, to expansive estuaries and dense kelp forests. Many are safeguarded by state marine protected areas (MPAs), which aim to protect the abundance of marine life

Sonoma Marine Protected Area Collaborative: Connecting Land and Sea

Sonoma County offers some of California’s most iconic landscapes, from towering redwood trees to rolling hills blanketed by vineyards. The Sonoma coast is no exception, with sweeping views of crashing waves that shape the offshore, rocky sea stacks and mossy forests that extend nearly down to the water’s edge.