Now Available! Key Themes Summary from 2021 MPA Community Meetings

MPA  Key Themes Summary documentIn fall 2021, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW), in partnership with the Ocean Protection Council, hosted a series of four public Community Meetings. The meetings were held both to inform California’s ocean community about the upcoming Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) Decadal Management Review, and to receive public input on the process.

Nearly 400 participants shared diverse perspectives at the meetings and provided valuable feedback to help CDFW prepare for the review, including:

  • Interest in engaging with MPA management, science, and the monitoring process
  • A desire for increased collaboration and participation across agencies and groups/organizations interested in management of MPAs
  • Requests for increased and diversified communications and outreach from the State and partners about California’s MPA Network 

Feedback received during these meetings has been captured in a Key Themes Summary document. In addition, recordings of the meetings will soon be posted to CDFW’s Decadal Management Review web page. CDFW thanks all meeting participants, appreciates the feedback shared, and is looking forward to continuing conversations as California prepares for the first 10-year (decadal) review of its MPA Network.

For any inquiries or comments about the review or MPAs in general, please email the MPA Decadal Management Review Team.

post by Amanda Van Diggelen, CDFW Environmental Scientist