Enhanced Status Reports on California Ocean Species Now Available

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Enhanced Status Report on barred sand bass

Editor’s Note: On July 10, 2020 the interim web page described here was removed from the CDFW website and replaced by the Marine Species Portal.

A selection of new Enhanced Status Reports (ESRs) for marine fish and invertebrates is now available on the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) Marine Species Information web page.

The goal of ESRs is to provide an overview of the species, fishery, current management and monitoring efforts, and future management needs, and provide transparency around data and information that is unavailable or unknown. ESRs can help to guide CDFW efforts and focus future partnerships and research efforts to address information gaps and needs to more directly inform management. Some ESRs can supply the foundations for future fishery management plans by providing background information and focusing analyses and stakeholder discussions on the most relevant issues.

This initial set of ESRs includes 33 species, from lobster and Dungeness crab to white seabass and geoduck clam. More ESRs will be completed in the coming years as new priority species are identified.

CDFW is required to regularly report to the California Fish and Game Commission on the status of state-managed fisheries. This requirement comes from the Marine Life Management Act, California’s primary fisheries law. The 2018 Master Plan for Fisheries expanded on this general requirement by providing an outline for ESRs based on the Marine Life Management Act’s required contents for fishery management plans.

CDFW is currently working to develop an online Marine Fisheries Portal that will allow even easier access to ESRs. Until the Portal is completed, ESRs will be available for download from the Marine Species Information web page.

post by CDFW staff