Vegetation Survey Diving in San Francisco Bay: Herring Spawn Report

Staff have been busy searching the bay but no new Pacific herring spawns have been detected since the Alameda spawn earlier this month. CDFW scientific divers have, however, been busy conducting annual scuba surveys to determine vegetation types and densities for areas where herring typically spawn. Last week’s dive sites included Richardson Bay and Belvedere Cove. Eelgrass and red algae are commonly encountered in these locations, and are ideal spawning substrate for Pacific herring.

You can check out this video of a dive at Belvedere Cove. The clip shows the diver’s perspective as they descend the marker line and assess the type and density of vegetation in the sample area. It is murky, but it does give you a view into the underwater world of San Francisco Bay.

post by Ryan Bartling, CDFW Environmental Scientist