New CDFW Video, Poster, and Brochure Showcase California MPA Network

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) has developed several new and exciting outreach products to help Californians learn more about their network of marine protected areas (MPAs).  The materials listed below are all available online and through CDFW. 

MPA Network brochure
New MPA Network brochure

MPA Film
This ten-minute video provides a great overview of the California MPA Network. The video includes beautiful topside as well as undersea footage, and helps to explain what MPAs are, the resources they protect, and the people involved in managing them. Engaging interviews and graphics further illustrate how the California MPA Network is a worldwide model for ocean conservation.

MPA Network Brochure
The California MPA Network brochure describes how MPAs work, what the future may hold for MPAs, and the science underway to measure their success.  The brochure includes a beautiful fold-out illustration featuring species and habitats likely to benefit from MPAs.

MPA Habitats and Species Poster

MPA Habitats and Species Poster
The MPA habitats and species poster illustrates the incredible undersea wildlife found throughout California’s MPAs.  Featuring six habitat types, the poster includes over fifty species likely to benefit from MPAs.  The reverse side includes a description of the MPA Network as well as a key for identifying the species found on the front of the poster.

Schools and organizations that conduct marine-related education may order brochures and posters free of charge by contacting CDFW by email at  Please include contact name, name of organization, quantities desired, and shipping address.

The California MPA Network brochure folds down to 3.5” x 8.5”; the California MPA Habitats and Species Poster measures  25” x 32”.

logo post by Marnin Robbins, CDFW Fish and Wildlife Interpreter II

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