Fisheries Partnerships: Continuing the MLMA Master Plan Amendment Discussion Series

As we enter into the summer months, it is almost unbelievable that the first six months of 2017 are now behind us. Looking back, we are deeply appreciative of the stakeholders who have already taken time to participate in a number of discussions CDFW has hosted to share information about our process that is currently underway to amend the existing Marine Life Management Act (MLMA) Master Plan. Feedback received on topics such as a draft scaled management approach, a web-based fisheries dashboard, stakeholder engagement, and effective management strategies have helped to inform CDFW’s approach to the MLMA Master Plan Amendment and further refine the Draft Amended Framework for MLMA-Based Management.

Noyo Beach at sunset   CDFW photo by K. Lesyna

Looking ahead, we invite interested stakeholders to participate in the next MLMA Master Plan Amendment discussion (see meeting information above, in box). During the call, CDFW will share fisheries partnerships ideas and approaches that are currently being considered to advance the collaboration objectives of the MLMA. Stakeholders will be invited to share ideas and feedback on the options presented, and elaborate on the ingredients needed for successful partnerships. Reference materials, including an agenda and PowerPoint slides, and other support materials will be available on the MLMA Master Plan web page over the coming days and weeks. A key themes summary from the call will be made available online shortly after July 28.

Stay tuned for details about the next discussion in the series. For more information about the upcoming stakeholder discussion or the MLMA Master Plan Amendment process in general, please contact us at or visit 

post by Tom Barnes, CDFW Environmental Program Manager for State-Managed Marine Finfish Species


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