Continuing the MLMA Master Plan Amendment Discussion Series

meeting infoSince December 2016, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) has hosted three discussions  to share information with stakeholders about the Marine Life Management Act (MLMA) Master Plan amendment process. CDFW is seeking input and guidance on ideas, approaches, and tools to consider as part of an amended MLMA Master Plan and Draft Amended Framework for MLMA-Based Management.

CDFW invites you to participate in the next discussion in the series (see meeting information above, in box). During the discussion, CDFW will share details about draft approaches and tools being considered to identify management strategies and meet the stock sustainability objectives of the MLMA. Stakeholders may share ideas and feedback on the ideas presented.

Fishing for surfperch and striped bass tapers off for the day as the sun sets at Mussel Rock. CDFW photo by K. Lesyna

Reference materials, including an agenda and PowerPoint slides, and other items will be made available on the MLMA Master Plan web page over the coming days and weeks. A “key themes” summary from the call will be made available online shortly after May 25, 2017.

Stay tuned for more details about future discussions in the continuing series. For further information about the upcoming discussion or the MLMA Master Plan Amendment process in general, please contact us at or visit the MLMA Master Plan website.

post by Tom Barnes, CDFW Environmental Program Manager