From the Marine Region Manager: 2014 Year in Review

2014 Marine Region project summary
2014 Region Projects Summary (click image)

As stated in our mission, science and communication are the cornerstones of everything we do in the Marine Region. On any given day, Marine Region staff can be found along California’s 1,100 mile coastline examining the ocean’s flora and fauna both under water and in the lab, engaging stakeholders through public meetings and informal discussions, and out on the docks surveying and distributing the myriad of outreach materials we produce. In 2014, we prepared a special marine issue in the 100th volume of California Fish and Game that highlighted the cutting-edge science performed by Marine Region staff. We also unveiled the new and improved Marine Management News newsletter as a blogsite, promoted a partnership approach to managing our statewide network of marine protected areas, interviewed over 68,000 recreational angler parties, and submitted over 30 regulatory documents supporting state and federal management actions, to highlight just a few of our activities.

2014 Regional Statistical Summary
2014 Region Statistical Summary (click image)

As you read through these documents and tick off all of the Region’s actions and accomplishments over the past year, you may come to realize (as I did) how amazingly diverse our charge has become. This diversity presents us with both challenges and opportunities as we tackle the science and the policy for the species we manage, navigate the assortment of stakeholder views we represent, and consider how to adapt our management structure in the face of a changing climate. It never fails to impress me how the approximately 140 full-time and 100 part-time Marine Region staff continue to rise to the occasion and embrace the diverse opportunities before us to conserve California’s marine resources and protect our rich coastal heritage.

Craig Shuman
Craig Shuman photo by K. Kopp

In 2014, Marine Region staff played an instrumental role in both state and federal marine policy, continued robust fisheries-dependent and fisheries-independent data collection efforts to support active resource management, upheld our public trustee stewardship responsibilities, and fostered effective partnerships. I offer my profound thanks to the Marine Region staff for their efforts over this past year, and I thank you, our ocean-focused constituents, for your commitment and dedication to the marine resources of California.

Post by Craig Shuman, CDFW Marine Region Manager