From The Marine Region Manager

Craig Shuman
Craig Shuman

Welcome to the first posting of the reinvigorated and refreshed Marine Management News, your source for news and updates on marine resource management in California. You will notice that I used the term “posting” as opposed to “issue” as we have switched to a blog format to take advantage of the flexibility of this digital platform.

Rather than periodic distributions of discrete issues, the blog format will enable more frequent and timely updates. Please be assured that our new format will still give you all the information and interesting stories you have come to expect from the Marine Management News.

For our new readers, and to refresh the memories of our regulars, let me provide a few details about who we are and what we do in the Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Marine Region. The mission of the Marine Region is:

To protect, maintain, enhance, and restore California’s marine ecosystems for their ecological values and their use and enjoyment by the public through good science and effective communication.

We achieve this mission through the hard work and dedication of approximately 150 full time and 100 part-time staff. The Marine Region encompasses California’s entire 1,100 mile coast from the mean high tide line to three nautical miles offshore. We manage commercial and recreational fisheries for over 250 species of finfish, invertebrates, and algae, and California’s network of marine protected areas (MPAs), which covers approximately 852 square miles (16 percent) of State waters. In 2013 our commercial fisheries landed over 360 million pounds of finfish and invertebrates worth approximately $255 million at the docks. On the sport side, California’s recreational finfish anglers made an estimated 5.3 million fishing trips landing an estimated 8.4 million fish in 2013.

An important component of what we do is to interact with you, California’s ocean enthusiasts. Whether you’re a commercial fisher, avid recreational angler, diehard conservationist, or anything in between, we in the Marine Region are here to listen to, and understand, your interests, views, and concerns. I hope you all enjoy the first postings of the Marine Management News blog; we look forward to your feedback.

post by Craig Shuman, CDFW Marine Region Manager  ♦ photo by K. Kopp